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Comfortable Extractions with Sedation

Losing natural teeth is never ideal, and while we always do our best to save them, sometimes tooth extractions are necessary to preserve your oral health. The good news is that your tooth extractions in Framingham, MA won’t be painful or time-consuming! Our experienced team completes these procedures routinely and offers sedation services, to ensure optimal comfort during surgery. Patients who choose sedation generally experience very relaxing appointments and report feeling no pain during the procedure and little discomfort as they recover. We recommend you contact our office if you have broken a tooth, are experiencing chronic tooth pain, or have sharp pain while biting or chewing. These are all signs that your tooth is possibly severely damaged or decayed and may need to be removed to keep your mouth and remaining teeth healthy. If you do need tooth extractions, we have options to replace your tooth, including permanent dental implants, which we can sometimes place the day of your extraction.

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Signs a Tooth May Need Extraction

  • Chronic throbbing tooth pain
  • Sharp pain while biting or chewing
  • Severe decay or infection
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  • Advanced gum disease
  • Trauma, such as a broken tooth
  • Preparation for a dental implant

Your Tooth Replacement Options

After your tooth removal, you have multiple options to preserve your bone and replace your extracted tooth. If you do not want to immediately replace your tooth, we provide ridge augmentation, a bone grafting technique that fills the empty tooth socket with bone material. This slows the bone resorption process and eliminates the risk for a dry socket! You can also choose a dental bridge, if the two adjacent teeth are healthy. Using our E4D system, we can design and mill a bridge in-house and have a temporary ready for attachment the day of your tooth extraction.

If you want to replace your tooth with the longest-lasting and most cost-efficient option, we recommend dental implants. They’re the only tooth replacement option that is comparable to natural teeth and both preserve your natural bone and replace the visible tooth crown, without harming adjacent teeth. Unlike a partial denture or dental bridge, they can last for decades and don’t need to be replaced or repaired if properly cared for. In most cases, we can place a dental implant the day you get your tooth extracted, so you’re never without a tooth! For many tooth extractions cases, except for wisdom teeth extractions, we encourage our patients to consider permanent dental implants.

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When Pain Is from Wisdom Teeth

When tooth pain is from the “third molars”, otherwise known as wisdom teeth, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to have them removed. Wisdom teeth generally erupt when an individual is between the ages of 17-25, causing discomfort, infection, and other problems. Even if wisdom teeth aren’t presenting any issues now, routine monitoring of their movement and even early extraction can prevent many painful symptoms. Like regular tooth extractions, wisdom tooth extractions, are often completed while the patient is under sedation to ensure a comfortable and pain-free experience. If you’re living with tooth pain or have suffered an accident or injury to a tooth, we encourage you to visit our office as soon as possible! We can help!

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