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Picture Your Dream Smile

Beautiful, white teeth that are the ideal size and shape. A smile that is perfectly proportioned to your face. A mouth that functions properly, letting you eat and speak without pain or embarrassment. This isn’t too good to be true! It’s all possible with a personalized smile makeover in Framingham, MA.

If multiple problems with your teeth have been affecting the quality of your daily life, we welcome you to experience a complete transformation of your smile. Our full mouth rehabilitation treats broken, damaged, diseased, or missing teeth to restore your smile and renew your confidence and health!

Dr. Mark A. Hanna, DMD
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  • From whitening to crowns and veneers - Dr. Hanna discusses options for improving your smile through cosmetic dentistry

The Goal of a Smile Makeover

The health and function of your teeth are certainly the main factors in our smile makeover treatments, but our goal is to provide a new smile that you’re thrilled to call your own. We accomplish this through personalized treatments that restore both the functional health and the cosmetic appearance of one or more teeth. We’re experienced in comprehensive dental services, so any procedures you’ll need, including dental implants, porcelain veneers, and periodontal treatment will be completed conveniently right in our office. If you’re nervous about undergoing treatment, we offer multiple sedation options AC[link to sedation options] to keep you comfortable and relaxed at your appointment(s). Once we have diagnosed your unique situation using highly accurate technology like CBCT imaging, we can develop a personalized treatment plan and begin the exciting journey to a complete smile makeover!

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The Steps of a Smile Makeover

We want your smile makeover to result in a beautifully proportioned and functional smile. That’s why we invite you to be part of the process! Together, we can create a new smile that looks amazing with your facial features, while also being healthy and functional. We’ll assess the health of your teeth, gums, jaw, and muscles to fix underlying conditions like gum disease or TMJ disorder first before improving the appearance of each tooth. Once we know which treatments you’ll need, we’ll have you return to our office. Depending on your case, we can generally complete smile makeover treatments in as little as two appointments—all in our own office location! We encourage you to schedule a consultation if you dislike your smile or problems with your teeth are making it painful or embarrassing to eat, talk, and laugh.

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  • The Wellness Hour - Full Mouth Reconstruction with Framingham, MA dentist Mark Hanna, DMD

Is your smile causing pain or embarrassment?

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