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Restore Soft Tissue Health

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Treatment to Halt Gum Tissue Problems

Your gum tissues are very important to the health of your teeth and bone. If they become infected or recede, you can risk more than the aesthetics of your smile. Without support from healthy soft tissue, teeth or dental implants can become loose and bacteria can irreversibly damage the bone beneath. If you’ve noticed your gums bleed or have pulled away from your teeth or dental implant, we encourage you to schedule an appointment for periodontal treatment in Framingham, MA. Our dentists at Grace Dental are skilled in gum disease treatment, gum grafting, and peri-implantitis treatment and can restore soft tissue health—and ultimately save your smile.

The Advantages of Periodontal Treatment

  • Halt gum recession
  • Treat gum disease
  • Preserve soft tissue health
  • Save dental implants
  • Improve smile aesthetics

Our Specialized Periodontal Services

If you’re diagnosed with gum disease, our first line of defense is scaling and root planing. This non-surgical treatment involves removing the bacteria and tartar from the tooth surface and in the periodontal pockets around the roots (dental scaling). Then, we smooth over the tooth surface to impede the accumulation of new tartar and bacteria on the roots (root planing), so healthy gum tissue can reattach.

More advanced stages of gum disease not manageable with scaling and root planing may need a gingivectomy to restore oral health. This procedure involves cutting away the infected gum tissue to reduce the depth of the periodontal pockets around the teeth. We can complete this procedure using a minimally invasive dental laser, which greatly improves comfort and healing.

After gum disease treatment concludes, we provide more frequent and in-depth cleanings. Periodontal maintenance is a deep cleaning performed every 3-4 months to remove tartar and bacteria buildup from the teeth and periodontal pockets. This helps ensure that gum disease does not progress into more advanced stages.

Receding gums can cause tooth sensitivity, bacteria accumulation, and can lead to loosening teeth. We halt gum recession with gum grafting, a treatment that takes tissue from another part of your mouth or a donor and uses it to cover the exposed tooth roots. Gum grafting improves the density and strength of gum tissue to protect teeth long-term.

Even with a high success rate, dental implants can sometimes fail. Peri-implantitis, an infection of the gum tissue around dental implants, is like gum disease and can cause similar irreversible damage to the tissues and bone. We treat this condition by removing the diseased tissue, restoring damaged bone, and clearing the site of all tartar and bacteria accumulation.

Keep your gums—and smile—healthy.

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