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Scalpel-Free Soft Tissue Treatment

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Fast, Efficient, Virtually Painless

If you’re concerned about getting dental treatment because you’re worried about the pain or healing time, you are not alone. But we have a solution! Our dentists are trained in laser dentistry and use our Dentsply Sirona diode dental laser for minimally invasive soft tissue procedures like gum disease treatment and crown lengthening for a “gummy” smile. Because we don’t need to use scalpels or make incisions when using dental lasers, your treatment will be virtually painless, and you can enjoy a faster and more comfortable recovery. Lasers cauterize the treatment site to reduce infection risk and actually promote the regeneration of soft tissue and bone! You won’t need to worry about taking extra time off work, either, as in most cases, a return to daily activities the day of treatment is normal. With dental lasers, we’ll restore your oral health and provide a pleasant experience, too!

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Our Laser Dentistry Services

The frenulum refers to the tissues that connect the upper lip and the tongue to the mouth. If either of these tissues is too restrictive, they can cause symptoms ranging from trouble breastfeeding and speaking to poor posture. Our dentists use a laser to painlessly reduce or eliminate the tissue to reestablish proper movement and function.

A “gummy” smile means excess gum tissue is causing the teeth to appear short and too much tissue to show when you smile. This can cause both functional and cosmetic concerns. We use a laser to recreate a more symmetrical and harmonious ratio between each tooth and the gums above.

Gum disease that does not respond to scaling and root planing will need surgical intervention to restore oral health. We use lasers to gently evaporate infected gum tissue that has pulled away from the teeth. Free from infection, the healthy tissue can reconnect to the teeth and reduce periodontal pocket depth.

Suspicious areas in the tissue inside your mouth need to be evaluated as soon as they are found. We use a laser to painlessly remove this section of tissue so a pathologist can check for cancer cells. When caught early, stage 1 and 2 oral cancer treatment is effective and has a high survival rate (70-90 percent).

A canker sore is almost always painful but is neither dangerous nor contagious. For patients who suffer regularly from these ulcers, we use lasers to quickly elevate pain and accelerate the healing process.

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