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All the Services, One Location

Looking for a new family dentist? Need a tooth extraction and are considering dental implants? Or think you might have gum disease? At Grace Dental, we’re pleased to be able to accommodate the varying dental concerns of our patients and proudly provide comprehensive dental care in one location. We think general dentistry in Framingham, MA should include more than cleanings and preventive care. That’s why we’ve achieved numerous additional training and certifications and acquired some of dentistry’s most advanced technologies. From sedation dentistry to full mouth dental implant rehabilitation to regular hygiene visits, we’re your trusted dental team. With skill and efficiency, we can restore your smile to full health and function with the highest level of comfort, convenience, and predictability!

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Grace Dental … where a patient can come and have all of their dental needs addressed under one roof without having to be shuffled around to many different specialists.

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Choose Comprehensive Dental Care

  • General dentistry services under one roof
  • Specialty treatments from trained dentists
  • Care from one familiar, caring team
  • Dental services for patients of all ages
  • No (or rare) referrals to specialty offices
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Our Full-Scope General Dentistry Services

Routine hygiene cleanings and dental evaluations every six months for the whole family, including digital x-rays, fluoride treatment, and dental sealants.

Tooth-colored fillings as an alternative to amalgam fillings. We can remove and replace old metal fillings with composite for a natural look.

Painless evaluation of the intraoral tissues, including the tongue to check for abnormal color, texture, lumps, or bumps. Our team also performs in-house biopsies.

Composite resin bonded to teeth to improve the size and shape of natural teeth that are chipped, gapped, or short.

Composite “indirect” fillings bonded to the tooth that needs repair within cusps (inlay) or to restore a portion of the tooth, including one or more cusps (onlay).

Occlusal adjustment, Invisalign® orthodontics, or full mouth reconstruction to improve the function of the jaw, joints, and teeth.

Tooth-colored, removable appliance of fake teeth “snapped” over teeth to hide cosmetic flaws like chips, gaps, short teeth, or missing teeth.

Removal of badly decayed or damaged teeth or wisdom teeth that are causing or may cause pain, infection, or damage to other teeth.

Our Patients Tell The Story Best

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  • "The tech used at Grace Dental increases the longevity of my teeth"
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  • "Sedation gave me a comfortable experience at Grace Dental"

Never travel around for dental services again.

We welcome your whole family.