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Calming Solutions for Anxious Patients

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Enjoy a Comfortable Dental Experience

Putting off going to the dentist because of past dental experiences is a reality for many of our patients. We understand the amount of dental anxiety you can experience at the dentist! Even if you’re not nervous, but have difficulty getting numb, have a sensitive gag reflex, or have sensitive teeth and gums, sedation is still a great choice for you. We offer sedation dentistry in Framingham, MA, conveniently in our own office. Using such needle-free sedation services as nitrous oxide and oral sedation, we can ease your anxieties about the sights and sounds of the dental office and provide you with a pleasant dental experience.

Our team has advanced training in sedation dentistry and along with helping you feel relaxed, we ensure your complete comfort and safety by monitoring your vitals with pulse oximeters during your entire procedure. In most cases, our patients comfortably “sleep” through their appointments, even if they need more complex dental work, and wake with no memory of the treatment! In as little as 1-2 procedures, we can restore the health and function of your smile while you’re relaxed in one of our calming treatment suites. Best of all, you can return to work the next day in most cases, and only need over-the-counter pain control to ease any discomfort as you recover.

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  • "Sedation gave me a comfortable experience at Grace Dental "

How You Benefit from Sedation Dentistry

  • No anxiety or pain during procedures
  • Minimal memory of the appointment
  • Reduce post-operative pain or swelling
  • Complete multiple procedures at once
  • Restore your smile’s health and function
  • Reduce fear of dental treatment over time

Our Custom Sedation Services

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Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is a pill taken prior to your appointment. This pill provides relaxing and calming effects so that you can undergo dental treatments without feeling anxious or nervous! This type of sedation may take a little while for the effects to wear off, so you will need someone to drive you home after the procedure.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is breathed through your nose, providing relaxing and euphoric effects. This sedation can help relieve anxiety associated with any type of procedure, including hygiene cleanings. It is extremely safe and once the mask is removed, the effects will immediately cease.

local anesthetic bottle

Local Anesthetic

Local anesthetic is what we use to numb the part of your mouth we’re treating. This anesthetic takes effect quickly and lasts for a few hours. Most patients feel no pain during their procedure and with the coupled effects of our sedation options, can experience a relaxing appointment overall.

Do dental appointments cause you anxiety?

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