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The #1 Solution for a Failing or Missing Tooth

Choose a Permanent Dental Implant

A dental bridge or partial denture was once the only option to replace hopeless or missing teeth, but today, you can choose a permanent dental implant. This solution is the closest thing to a natural healthy tooth and is permanently secured in your jawbone, making it the preferred tooth replacement solution available today. Dental implants restore nearly full function after a tooth is lost or extracted, but it won’t alter adjacent teeth like a dental bridge or feel loose and insecure like a partial denture.

Quite literally, a dental implant is a complete replacement (root and crown) for a single missing tooth and the primary reason why they’re so effective and functional long-term. They’re designed to last for decades—many years longer than a bridge or dentures—and with proper care, can last for the rest of your life, without becoming decayed or stained. We invite you to learn about the process of receiving permanent dental implants in Framingham, MA.

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Qualifying for a Dental Implant

If you’re only missing one tooth, you most likely qualify for a dental implant without needing additional procedures like bone grafting. Because your natural bone will start resorbing the moment your tooth is extracted or lost, we’ll evaluate the health of your bone using CBCT imaging technology. The good news is that, in many cases, we can streamline your treatment by completing this procedure and your dental implant placement during the same surgery. We’ll be able to determine your personalized treatment plan after a consultation and evaluation at our office, so you’ll know what to expect!

Our Top Services Three Steps to a New Tooth

Step One: Consultation

The first step of your treatment process is to complete a consultation at our office. You’ll talk with our dentists about what to expect based on your situation and receive a comprehensive evaluation, which includes CBCT scans. We want to hear about your smile goals, too, so we can personalize your treatment. If you need any preparatory procedures, we’ll determine if you’ll need a separate appointment or can have them completed on the day of your surgery. We’ll then prepare the custom surgical guide that will ensure the accuracy and precision of your implant placement.

Step Two: Surgery

There is nothing to worry about on the day of your dental implant surgery! We always first make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable. We provide sedation options to help you feel calm during the procedure. Though your mouth will be fully numbed, and you’ll feel no pain, sedation can also ease any nerves or stress. When you’re comfortable, we’ll surgically place a dental implant post into your jawbone using the custom guide. This procedure will be over in less than an hour. We’ll have a temporary dental crown ready to attach to your implant if its primary stability is efficient. That means you’ll be able to leave our office in the same appointment with a functional and complete smile!

Step Three: Restoration

It will take a few months for your dental implant to heal. During this phase, the implant post will integrate with the natural bone, fusing in place like a tooth root. We’ll monitor the progress of your healing to ensure your dental implant will provide long-term support for your final tooth. When this phase is complete, you’ll return to our office to receive your final restoration. This dental crown will be made from strong porcelain or ceramic material and color-matched to your existing teeth. Our goal is to provide you with a permanent new tooth that can’t be distinguished from the rest!

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A New Tooth within Your Budget

A dental implant will be more costly than a bridge or denture, but in many ways, it’s the most cost-effective solution. Dental implants are meant to last for your life without ever needing to be replaced or repaired. We’ll help you afford this solution with assistance from third-party financing from CareCredit®, Proceed Finance, and more. These companies provide low-interest, low monthly payment plans that will fit within your budget. Because we provide all dental implant treatment in our own office, we can streamline the cost as well as your treatment time, ensuring the most affordable and time-efficient care possible. If you’re searching for a solution to failing or missing teeth, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our dentists and learn about the benefits of dental implants!

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