Same Day Crowns & Bridges - Framingham, MA

A Broken or Missing Tooth Fixed in One Visit

Enjoy Convenient Care with E4D Technology

Have you lost or damaged a tooth? You no longer need to endure goopy impressions, multiple appointments, and uncomfortable temporaries. We offer the convenience of same-day dental bridges and dental crowns in Framingham, MA using E4D technology. This system lets us digitally scan your tooth, virtually design a custom dental crown or dental bridge, and mill it right in our office—all while you wait comfortably in our treatment suite. While you enjoy our many amenities, we’ll restore a damaged tooth or replace a missing tooth in just a few hours.

Our E4D system is extremely advanced technology only trained and skilled dental professionals can use effectively. Our dental team has received the necessary specialized training and is highly experienced in using the software and milling machine. If you have a broken, cracked, chipped, or missing tooth, we’ll use this expertise to custom make you a new dental crown or dental bridge conveniently and cost-effectively. Contact our skilled team today, and we may be able to fix your tooth sooner than you think!

Our Same-Day Dentistry Process

When you arrive at your appointment, we’ll first make you comfortable in one of our treatment suites. You’ll be here for a few hours, but the time will go fast! First, we’ll have to prepare your tooth or teeth so your crown or bridge can “cap” it properly. Next, we’ll scan your teeth and use these high-quality photos to design your new restoration in our digital software. We’re very precise during this process to ensure your final dental crown or bridge fits perfectly over your natural teeth. Once the design phase is finished, we’ll send this information to our in-office milling machine, which will fabricate your new restoration out of high-quality material. It will take longer for us to design a dental bridge than a single tooth restoration, as it’s made up of three or more dental crowns. Once your new teeth are ready, we’ll verify the fit and cement it to your tooth or teeth. You’ll leave our office with a beautiful restoration that looks and functions naturally!

  • Treatment completed in ONE appointment
  • Digital process with no goopy impressions
  • No uncomfortable temporaries
  • Precision design and milling for accurate fit
  • Color and shade-matched for optimal aesthetics
  • Highly strong and durable materials

You only need to make one appointment.

Take the first, and last step to your new smile.