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A Permanent Solution for Multiple Missing Teeth

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No More Bridges or Dentures

If you have multiple missing teeth, you can make restorations like dental bridges and partial dentures a thing of the past by choosing permanent dental implants! With multiple dental implants, you won’t need to worry about replacing a bridge or if your denture will slip or fall out. Whether you have multiple missing teeth in a row or around your mouth, we can restore a complete and functional smile with an implant supported bridge or dental implants. Unlike bridges and dentures, dental implants are designed with natural teeth in mind. They can restore up to 98 percent of function, stimulate your jawbone like tooth roots, and won’t harm any natural teeth. In fact, implants will keep your existing teeth from shifting out of place and altering your bite or falling out themselves! Dental implants truly are the replacement of choice for anyone missing one or more teeth. With treatment from our experienced dentists trained through Misch Implant Institute, getting dental implants in Framingham, MA is streamlined, efficient, and high quality. Learn what you can expect from your treatment and if multiple dental implants are right for you!

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Who Is a Candidate for Multiple Dental Implants?

Most patients who have missing teeth are candidates for dental implants! If certain factors such as gum disease or bone loss are present, we can provide treatments to return your mouth to proper health before placing your dental implants. Our dentists are trained in these procedures, so you won’t need to visit a different office at any point during your dental implants treatment. We’ll determine your candidacy for dental implants at your personalized consultation. During this visit, we’ll assess the health of your mouth and take CBCT scans to evaluate your natural bone and position of your existing teeth. These high-quality images of your mouth help us plan your treatment and create the custom guide we’ll use during surgery. With a personalized plan in place, we can begin your treatment process!

Our Personalized Treatment Process

Phase One: Preparation

The health of your mouth and existing teeth determines if you’ll need any preparatory treatments like tooth extractions or bone grafting. We’ll complete these procedures in-office either before your dental implant surgery or the same day. Taking care of your natural teeth and bone will ensure that your dental implants have a healthy foundation, so they are successful long-term.

Phase Two: Surgery

Dental implant surgery is not as invasive as you might think! Using our guides for accurate implant placement while you’re comfortably under sedation makes for a pleasant surgical experience. In just a few hours, we’ll have your dental implants in place and temporary teeth attached allowing you to leave our office with a complete smile in the same day! You’ll be able to return to normal activities the day after surgery. Most patients have told us that over-the-counter pain medication is all they needed to control any discomfort or swelling.

Phase Three: Restoration

You’ll need to recover for a few months before we can attach your final restoration to your dental implants. During this time, the implant posts will integrate with your natural bone, becoming as strong and durable as tooth roots. After this healing phase, you’ll return to our office to have your final implant supported bridge attached. Our in-house E4D milling technology makes this process fast and efficient! We’ll create a beautiful, strong restoration and you’ll leave our office with a functional, complete smile!

Dental Implants that Fit Your Budget

Dental implants are the only permanent replacement for multiple missing teeth and often, the most ideal solution for our patients. Affording multiple dental implants may seem out of the question, but we assure you, it’s possible! We’ll help you afford your new teeth in any way we can. We’ve partnered with third-party financing companies, including CareCredit® and Proceed Finance, so you can choose low monthly payment options that fit your budget. And we’ll help you get the greatest benefits from your insurance, too. You may be wondering if dental implants are right for you, but they’re the only option that can provide health, function, and beauty for the rest of your life if properly cared for. You’ll see why dental implants are a great investment in your smile!

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