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Solutions for Every Budget

A functioning and beautiful smile restored with dental implants significantly boosts your quality of life and provides you with the confidence to enjoy an active, social lifestyle. Whether you need a single dental implant or complete rehabilitation with full mouth dental implants, our affordability options can make these life-changing solutions possible! No matter your budget, we have dental implant financing available for your treatment costs, including Proceed Finance, GreenSky®, Lending Club, and CareCredit®.

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  • Dr. Hanna discusses the cost of dental implants and why it can vary

Understand Your Treatment Cost

Much like the uniqueness of your smile and oral health situation, your dental implant cost will be based on your needs and goals. We determine your dental implant cost through extensive evaluation and diagnostics with CBCT technology. This gives us an accurate picture of the health of your mouth now and how we can best restore your smile. In general, you can expect the following starting prices for dental implants: $3,500 for a single dental implant, $10,000 for an implant supported denture, and $20,000 for full arch dental implants. The total cost can vary depending on the number of tooth extractions, the number of implants and whether or not you need bone grafting treatment. You can apply for financing for any of these implant solutions, and we can help you determine which dental implant financing company fits best with your situation and budget.

Our Financing Options

We understand that dental implants are an investment, but with our personalized treatments and the right financing plan, you can afford to restore your smile with these permanent solutions! We encourage you to read about the financing options we offer, then contact our office to learn more from our knowledgeable staff.

Once you meet the eligibility requirements, you’ll enjoy a higher approval rate and higher credit lines, equal payment plans, and certain no-interest paid-in-full plans.

GreenSky provides flexible payment plans with extended-term plans and high credit lines. Patients can choose between a credit line for ongoing care or one-time loans.

LendingClub has fix-rate plans, no-interest plans up to 24 months, and promotional rate plans, with low monthly payments and low (or no) interest for loans above $400.

If you qualify for CareCredit® financing you can control your treatment costs with flexible, reasonable monthly payments.

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