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Comfortable, Predictable Dental Services

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A Higher Standard of Care

If you believe dental care is inefficient and uncomfortable, it’s time to experience the benefits of advanced dental technology! At our practice, we continue to embrace advanced dental technology in Framingham, MA, to offer a higher standard of care for our patients. Such state-of-the-art equipment like CBCT imaging and dental lasers significantly improve the convenience, precision, and comfort of your treatment. For many procedures, you won’t need to endure scalpels or dental drills and can undergo much less invasive surgeries, such as to treat a “gummy” smile or replace missing teeth. With the addition of sedation services, your experience at Grace Dental can be both enjoyable and successful, resulting in improved confidence and a healthy, attractive smile for life.

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Technology-Driven Dental Care

  • Short, efficient appointments
  • More accurate diagnoses
  • Alternatives to scalpels and drills
  • Predictable treatment outcomes
  • Safer, more comfortable procedures

Experience Advanced Dental Technology

Our advanced dental technologies are highly complex and require the expertise of trained and skilled dentists to be effective and safe. Our dentists have received this training and have experience using these technologies every day. We truly believe that advanced dental technology can change your dental experience for the better. We invite you to learn about the technology we offer, then see for yourself how it can improve the comfort and quality of your dental care!

CAD/CAM technology to design, mill, and attach dental crowns in one appointment.

Accurate 3D dental imaging of the face, mouth, and jaw with a fraction of the radiation.

Minimally invasive technology to improve comfort and precision for treatments.

Software for designing a digital simulation of the smile before treatment begins.

High-quality images of the inside of the mouth that patients can see in real time.

Device using ultrasonic vibrations to cut bone without harming soft tissues.

Plasma derived from the patient’s blood to accelerate healing and tissue regeneration.

Digital bite force analysis and pressure mapping to diagnose occlusal problems.

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