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Improve Your Ability to Bite, Chew, and Talk

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Get Your Smile Back with Dentures

No one wants to be faced with the possibility of losing many or all their teeth. If you’re in this situation, we’re here to help with custom, life-like dentures in Framingham, MA. Today’s dentures are nothing like the false teeth your grandparents wore. Our partial and full dentures are made from strong, flexible acrylic or polymer material for the base (gums) and acrylic or porcelain for the teeth. The goal of our denture treatment is to provide a solution that looks as natural as possible, so they’re always custom-made to look real and fit comfortably in your mouth, too. Even though removable dentures and partials won’t be as strong as healthy natural teeth, they are a viable option for restoring a natural-looking smile if you have missing teeth! At Grace Dental, our process for receiving dentures is comfortable, efficient, and personalized.

Benefiting from Modern Dentures

  • Natural, life-like set of teeth
  • Increases function for biting and chewing
  • Custom-fitted and comfortable
  • Helps retain natural facial shape
  • Boosts confidence and wellbeing
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Our Dentures Treatment Process

Our dentures treatment is personalized, so you’ll first complete a consultation with our dentists. During this appointment, we’ll learn about your goals and expectations for your treatment. Next, we’ll take digital x-rays and CBCT scans of your mouth. We’ll use this information to design a custom partial or complete denture. If you need any remaining teeth extracted before you’re fitted to a denture, we can complete this procedure right in our office while you’re under oral sedation. Then, your final partial or denture will be hand-crafted to look like natural teeth and gums and customized perfectly proportioned to fit inside your mouth. You can return to our office at any time if you experience discomfort or your denture needs relining or repairing. If you find that your new denture does not provide as much security as you desire, we have solutions with dental implants.

Affordable Dentures with Greater Security

As an affordable, “quick fix” option, dentures and partials certainly provide viable function and greater confidence from a natural-looking smile. However, if you want a more secure and strong smile, this is possible with dental implants. By inserting 2-4 dental implants into your natural jawbone, we can attach your denture to these posts, so it no longer slips or falls out when you bite, chew, talk, or laugh. Implant supported dentures are costlier than a traditional removable denture, but many patients find the increase in stability and strength a significant added value and well worth the price. We can help you determine which solution best fits your needs and budget after a personalized consultation with our team!

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Get greater confidence and function with dentures.

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