Hybridge Implant Restorations in Framingham

Dental implants are an increasingly popular solution for missing teeth and a Hybridge implant restoration is one of the most innovative restorations available. We encourage our Framingham Dental implant candidates to consider the Hybridge solution if they are looking for a quality, natural looking implant restoration suitable to replace a full arch of teeth.

Why Choose Hybridge Restorations?

• Hybridge restorations are made of quality materials and are handcrafted locally. 
• With Hybridge, you can regain full function of your dental arch with as little as six dental implants. Your new teeth will look natural and beautiful. 
• The Hybridge approach to oral restoration requires less bone density than a full set of dental implants. Dr. Mark Hanna has successfully treated multiple patients with a Hybridge restoration who were unable to receive alternative implant procedures without a bone graft.   
• If a full arch is necessary, Hybridge is typically more economical than a full arch of dental implants as less implants are required to secure the Hybridge restoration.

What's Involved in Getting Hybridge Implants?

Hybridge dental implants are crafted using state-of-the-art technology, and made from fine bio-compatible materials to ensure that tooth restorations look, function, and feel natural. Getting Hybridge implant restorations takes several months from beginning to end, and there are three main stages involved in the process.

First, Dr. Hanna consults with patients to discuss the patients goals and expectations regarding their missing or soon to be extracted teeth. He takes 3D digital images of the patient's mouth and determines whether the patient is a good candidate for a Hybridge restoration. Once Dr. Hanna and our patient decide that Hybridge is the best solution, Dr. Hanna will send the 3D images to a Hybridge dental lab where the restoration will be handcrafted and he will then schedule the patient for their implant placement surgery. If teeth need to be extracted, this can be done on the same day that the implants are placed. Once the Hybridge implants have been placed Dr. Hanna will fit the implants with temporary crowns, so that the patient will leave with functioning teeth.

After the gums around the implants have healed and the implants have integrated into the bone (about 3-5 months), Dr. Hanna can secure a Hybridge restoration to the implants. 

Contact Us to Learn More

Our Framingham dental team are happy to provide Hybridge restorations and enjoy seeing the beautiful outcomes. If you live or work in the Framingham area and are interested in learning more about Hybridge implant restorations, please give us a call or schedule an appointment online at Grace Dental today.

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